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Wisdom teeth are the teeth at the very back of your jawline that tend to erupt in your late teens or early twenties. Sometimes wisdom teeth cause problems as they get stuck (or impacted) against bone or adjacent teeth, or they may partially erupt and lead to bacterial infection.

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Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth are also known as third molar teeth and form at the very back of the mouth. Wisdom teeth are routinely or electively removed because the short length of the jaw cannot accommodate them.

While they can be seen on x-rays as early as twelve years of age, they usually appear in the mouth at age seventeen to twenty years. For the majority of people, there is simply not enough room to fit them in. The term Impacted Wisdom Teeth is used to describe this scenario.

Impacted wisdom teeth can be removed one or two teeth at a time, or as a set in one procedure. Depending on the level of complexity, wisdom teeth are removed awake under local anaesthetic, under conscious sedation in the dental clinic, or under general anaesthetic in day surgery or hospital.

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Impacted or Partially Erupted Wisdom Teeth Can Cause the Following Complications

Damage to Surrounding Teeth, Jawbone and Gums

Result in Gum Infections with Pain and Swelling

Crowding Affecting the Appearance of Front Teeth

Cyst Formation Impacting the Jawbone

Brisbane CBD Dentists Wisdom Teeth Procedures

Wisdom teeth cause problems when there IS NOT enough room in the jaw to fit them in. If there IS enough room for them, wisdom teeth behave like the other teeth and do not need to be removed.

At Edward Street Dental, we offer the removal of wisdom teeth:

  • Awake under local anaesthetic (with an optional valium course),
  • Asleep under conscious sedation (with a visiting Sedation-ist) and
  • Referrals of cases requiring general anaesthetic.

Our team is very experienced in dental surgical extractions. We accept referrals from other dental surgeons in the Brisbane area. Consequently, we regularly perform the removal of wisdom teeth and dental extraction surgeries.

Why do I need to have my impacted Wisdom Teeth removed?

When there is not enough room for (impacted) wisdom teeth, the following problems will almost always occur:

  • Gum infection and formation of pus around the wisdom tooth,
  • Bad breath (caused by pus),
  • Spread of gum disease to the neighbouring back teeth,
  • Spread of uncontrolled gingivitis to the back and front teeth,
  • Bone loss around the wisdom teeth and neighbouring 2-3 teeth,
  • Risk of loss of the neighbouring second molar,
  • Formation of cysts around the wisdom teeth,
  • Facial swelling,
  • Spontaneous severe pain.

Most of the problems in the list occur WITHOUT PAIN. It is not recommended only to remove wisdom teeth if pain occurs, and to leave them present if there is no pain.  Pain is only one of the many problems on the list.  And pain is so variable, in some people, it may never occur.  Without the warning of pain, other things in the list, such as the spread of gum disease and bad breath, can evolve for years and even decades. 

Why should I have my wisdom teeth removed if I am not in any pain?

Sometimes a client can show only one or two symptoms in the above list, and only at a mild level.  In this scenario, your Dentist may still recommend removal of wisdom teeth, on the grounds that between the ages of 18 to 28 is the ideal window to safely recover from the procedure.  After all, it’s only a matter of time before the problems in the list develop and grow. 

Having a trusting relationship with your Dentist may help open the lines of communication to determining what the best course of action is in dealing with the problem of impacted wisdom teeth.  

How can I have my Wisdom Teeth checked?

If you are concerned about your wisdom teeth, you can organise an appointment at our clinic for a Check-Up and Clean, or a Consultation just to assess your wisdom teeth.

You can contact our clinic by telephone or book online. You will be sent by email a referral for an OPG x-ray and will be asked to bring this x-ray to your first visit. It’s that easy.

Impacted Wisdom Teeth

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