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White fillings or tooth-coloured composite resins have replaced the old silver and gold materials at Brisbane CBD Dentists. Edward Street Dental uses the most modern, long-lasting and aesthetic bonding materials on the market today.

General Dentistry

White Fillings

White Fillings are made of tooth coloured composite resin and are used to make the tooth look, feel and function like a natural, solid and unfilled tooth.

When placing a filling, the objective is to restore (or fill) cavities created when the Dentist removes dental decay from teeth. White Fillings are also applied to alter the shape and colour of healthy teeth for cosmetic purposes. In most dental practices, white fillings have replaced silver amalgam fillings.

The outcome aims to have our clients feeling a great deal of closure after completing a white fillings procedure. We prefer that they can't see our work, rather than seeing the 'scar' of a silver filling, or a poorly placed white filling.

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Indications for White Resin Fillings

Tooth Decay

Broken Tooth

Small Tooth

Congenitally Mal-Shaped Tooth

Missing Tooth

White Fillings - A Cosmetic and Restorative Dental Solution

Edward Street Dental started placing white fillings in 1996. With over 23 years of experience in this area of dentistry, we are extremely competent and knowledgeable in the technique and protocols required to make our clients’ white fillings remain in place for years and years.

Edward Street Dental has a large apparel of white filling material. There are many shades and viscosities available on the market which makes matching material shade to tooth shade possible. This is especially important on front teeth and when performing cosmetic dentistry. We have every available shade currently on the market.

Expert Protocols for Long-Lasting Fillings

At Brisbane CBD Dentists, Edward Street Dental has developed dental protocols to make sure their clients' white fillings feel great and last for years. We consider both the procedural application and the material selection to make sure we provide a complete solution for you. After all, the goal is to see no 'scar' from the procedure. We also want to be able to leave the tooth alone for as many years as possible.

The different available viscosities of white fillings is important to the overall outcome. The old silver filling material only came in one form. This meant that the client's tooth had to be cut to a large size in order to hold the silver filling, even if the amount of decay was small. It's the other way around when using white fillings. Once the decay has been removed, we can stop drilling, and simply choose the white filling with the right viscosity to fill the tooth. And of course, at Edward Street Dental, we have every available viscosity of white filling on the market.

Oral Health Consultations

The White Filling procedure in dentistry is referred to as a moderately 'technique sensitive' procedure, where technique sensitive means 'hard to do'. Many new patients come to us because they are dissatisfied with their current dentist and treatments. The most common complaints we hear about relate to fillings that have been incorrectly applied. Patients have described situations that include:

  • where there are post-treatment sensitivity lasting months,
  • the creation of food traps,
  • orange and browns stains around the filling after only six months,
  • feeling sharp, rough edges or that the tooth is now out of shape.

These situations should not happen.

If you have experienced any of these symptoms with your previous dentist and would like to resolve your pain, discomfort or discolouration, please do not hesitate to book a consultation with us.

Indications for White Resin Fillings

White fillings procedure is the solution to the problem: a tooth has a conservative amount of missing tooth structure.

On a previously UNFILLED tooth, the missing tooth structure is congenitally missing, or a tooth created by decay and the removal of the decay by the dentist.

On a previously FILLED tooth, the missing tooth structure is created by the removal of a failing or leaking filling, as performed by the dentist.

The window to keeping the solution 'conservative' is usually narrow. Eventually, the decay will grow and spread, and the leakage will cause damage to the tooth nerve. More complex and expensive procedures follow untreated problems.

I need to have a filling, how long can I wait before I have to get it done?

Diagnosis and Recommendations

If you have been advised that you need to have a tooth filled, the reason for this recommendation is to stop the damage from getting any worse and to make sure you do not experience any unnecessary dental pain or complications.

Patients often ask - If I don't get the filling now, how long will it take before the problem to gets worse?  The answer to “how long does this take” unfortunately varies. Sometimes weeks, other times months. And because pain does not always correlate with the progression of the problem, clients sometimes think a year has passed and their problem is not getting worse. It is, they just can not feel the resulting pain yet.

Having trust and confidence in your Dentist’s diagnosis and recommendations are the key to feeling comfortable about why a filling is needed, and then not waiting too long to keep the solution in the conservative category.

At Edward Street Dental, we only recommend solutions for problems that are irreversible and will progress to more complicated solutions if left untreated. We value having conversations with our clients and where possible, show them images of their teeth to help them understand when and why treatment is required.

White Resin Fillings

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