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A denture is a removable oral prosthetic plate, fabricated to replace one or more missing teeth. Dentures have been used for literally centuries to replace missing teeth and to improve health, function and aesthetics.

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Dentures are still a popular and satisfactory option for replacing missing teeth in contemporary dentistry. And there are more aesthetic designs than ever available to give our clients confidence and joy when wearing partial or full dentures.

All procedures and treatment options at Edward Street Dental use the most contemporary materials and technology available in dentistry. And removable dentures are no exception.

The desired outcome is the appearance of a natural-looking smile and healthy oral function, creating a more confident you.

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Dentures - Replacement of Natural Teeth

Dentures come in the form of an oral prosthetic plate. They are supplied either as a set of full dentures to replace all of the teeth, partial dentures to replace one (or a few) teeth that are missing.

Dentures are custom-designed to each individual and made specifically to fit your mouth.

With advances in technology, digital scanning can make the impressions of teeth, gums and bite far more comfortable and accurate than the old impression putty method. The procedure also means that the dentures can be delivered in fewer visits, restoring confidence quickly.

Regular dental check-ups are still very important for those with dentures.

Full Dentures

Whether replacing an old set of full dentures or making the first set of complete dentures for a client, Edward Street Dental uses a tried and trusted protocol for delivering aesthetics, function and comfort.

Smile design is the starting point. Using digital photography software and scanning technology, we will design the upper teeth to the ideal position, to give the client a smile to be proud of. Wax mockups are fabricated to 'try-in' the dentures, and adjustments are made, if necessary, to idealise the position of the teeth, the bite position, comfort and so on. Once all of the boxes are ticked, and the dentures look and feel perfect, final fabrication is processed.

A set of teeth that functions well with chewing and speech, feels comfortable, and looks natural and real, will be the outcome.

Dental Implants and Full Dentures

Dental implants are small titanium fixtures surgically placed into the jaw with the specific role of retaining a dental prosthesis. Full dentures are one such prosthesis which benefits from the aid of dental implants.

Without implants, full dentures will look exactly the same and still have adequate retention and function. But function and retention improve 5-10 fold with the engagement of dental implants.

While additional cost and procedures are necessary when adding dental implants to the sequence, clients always report a significant improvement to their confidence, satisfaction and quality of life when dental implants are used to retain their full dentures.

Partial Dentures with TRIOS scanner

A natural-looking, hidden, partial denture is possible with the choices of material and design concepts available today's dentistry.

Partial dentures are a wonderful way to replace one or more missing teeth. This procedure is completely relaxing and comfortable for clients. At Edward Street Dental, we can use the TRIOS scanner to construct digital impressions of the upper and lower jaw and bite. This means no invasive impression putty is required. But rather, a precise copy of the teeth, gums and bite, first time every time is achieved.

Thanks to the technologically advanced digital TRIOS scanner, the procedure is not only way more comfortable, but also the partial denture can be delivered in fewer visits.

We also use years of experience to show his clients the many options available, and the best type of partial denture to choose from for their individual case. The expectation and goals of partial dentures are not only to replace missing teeth, but to restore confidence in the client's ability to chew comfortably, speak without lisping, and to completely hide the fact that a partial denture is present.

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At Brisbane CBD Dentists we welcome all our new patients  with a gentle, caring nature and we strive to make you feel comfortable and at ease.

If you are looking for new dentures or would like to discuss any of our restorative dental procedures, please consider booking in for one of our consultation visits. Oral health is very important and we would love to see you sporting your best smile in comfort and confidence.

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