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Dental extraction is the removal of a tooth from the socket and is a very common dental procedure. Whether dealing with a dental emergency or the planned removal of wisdom teeth, this procedure is safe for the majority of patients.

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Dental Extractions

Dental extraction surgery is performed when removal of a tooth is the only available option to restore health, or when a client prefers this treatment option over a tooth-saving treatment option.

Our dentists are very experienced in dental extractions and accept referrals from other dental surgeons in the Brisbane area.

The outcome aims to have our clients feeling a great deal of relief after undergoing a dental extraction procedure. You will be in safe and capable hands at Brisbane CBD Dentists. To ensure the best outcome, we perform a thorough medical background assessment of each patient before proceeding with any tooth removal.

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Surgical Dental Extractions

This less than popular procedure is safe for most people. The Edward Street Dental team carefully screen all clients prior to any dental extractions, and the procedure itself will be safe and finished relatively quickly.

Dental extraction procedures available at Edward Street Dental include:

  • Simple tooth extraction,
  • Surgical tooth extraction,
  • Soft tissue impacted tooth,
  • Hard tissue impacted tooth,
  • Ankylosed tooth extraction,
  • Elective removal for orthodontic space gain, and
  • Wisdom teeth extraction.

We perform all tooth removal procedures under local anaesthetic. Conscious Sedation is available on request. Edward Street Dental has a visiting Dentist to perform Conscious Sedation for clients who prefer to be asleep for their surgery.

Why do I need a have my tooth extracted?
    1. The tooth is not saveable. A tooth is not saveable when so much tooth structure has broken or decayed, resulting in the case where there is simply nothing left to build on. While this situation will often distress clients, teeth can usually be replaced. Replacement options vary and some teeth replacement options feel like the tooth has actually been saved. For other clients, having a tooth removed is not distressing in any way, but rather, a fast and simple way to restore health.
    2. The client chooses the removal of a tooth over a procedure required to keep the tooth. Sometimes, through the eyes of a client, the procedure required to restore health to the tooth is not worth it. While a dentist can see the value of keeping a tooth, the client does not always feel the same way. At Edward Street Dental, we are very empathetic to our clients' needs and will always prefer for our clients to listen to the options and make the final decision on the direction of treatment.
    3. The tooth is extracted for orthodontic works, smile design or realignment.
Do all teeth need to be kept?

The short answer is no. In some circumstances, there is absolutely no consequence to removing a tooth. Other times there will be small lifestyle consequences to choosing to remove a tooth over keeping it, such as having to chew some food on the other side of the mouth.

For some people, a missing back tooth can be visible to others when smiling. This can distress some people but not others. The closer to the front of the mouth, the more distressing it usually is. And on some occasions, there will be very dire consequences to a client's comfort levels if a tooth is removed.

At Edward Street Dental, we give honest and fair feedback to our clients about what level of importance the tooth's role has in their oral situation. We insist on giving ethical and honest advice so clients can have more control and make their own decision on the fate of their teeth.

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