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A check-up and clean dental visit is one of the most important and relevant procedures for dental hygiene and oral care. Preventative and Family Dentistry by Brisbane CBD Dentists, book your next appointment online.

General Dentistry

Check-Up and Clean

As a general dental practice for all ages, we regularly perform check-up and clean procedures as this is still the most relevant and essential procedure in dentistry.

For patients, it provides that sparkly, fresh, clean feeling and offers the comfort and peace of mind of knowing that everything is healthy in there.

On a deeper level, the check-up and clean visit with one of our dentists controls and manages the unavoidable condition of gingivitis and prevents more complex conditions like gum disease, dental decay, cracked cusp, broken cusp, and tooth loss.

check-up and clean procedures at brisbane cbd dentist

Check-Up and Clean Dental Examinations Brisbane CBD Dentists

Detects Any Tooth Decay, Cavities or Gum Disease

Professional Plaque Removal, Clean and Polish

Fluoride Application to Support Cavity Prevention

Recommended Dental Health Check Every 6 Months

Your Own Individually Tailored Check-Up and Clean

Professional Consultation

We believe that the check-up and clean visit is best delivered if tailored for the individual.

For some clients, this visit is a walk in the park, and for others, it feels invasive. Some clients love the experience of having their teeth and gums professionally cleaned. In contrast, others see it as a necessary evil to keep their teeth for life.

Because of our combined years of experience, we have come to the realisation that our clients require varying levels of care. While the goals remain the same for everyone, the journey to get there is personalised to give the client the most comfortable experience possible.

The Dental Examination

Why do I need a check-up and clean?

The short answer to this question is that the check-up is designed to detect irreversible disease, such as tooth decay, when it is in its early, painless phase.  A check-up will make the inevitable treatment required way more conservative. 

Let's use dental decay as a typical example. If two very small cavities are detected at a check-up, with dietary advice, we can prevent many more potential cavities from occurring. We will place two small fillings and encourage proper brushing, flossing and changes to the diet.

The result of this intervention is that the two small fillings can potentially prevent four-to-eight larger fillings being required down the track. Simply because we picked up on the two cavities and encouraged small adjustments to client's diet.  And of course, if NO disease is detected, that's even better!  The check-up will give you peace of mind, and confidence that lifestyle choices are satisfactory.

How often do I need to have a Dental Check-Up and Clean?

Best practice is every six months.  This is the recommendation of the Australian Dental Association and every private health fund in Australia.  Private health funds believe that routine check-up and clean visits every six months result in patients being less likely to make other dental claims.  This is where the term Preventive Dentistry comes from. 

So to prevent the need for further dental disease and treatment, visit us for a check-up and clean every six months. Clients that visit us for their check-up and clean every six months are placed on our automated reminder system and are sent an SMS reminder when they are due again.  They can then click through the SMS and go directly to an online booking. It could not be simpler!

Professional Scale, Polish and Fluoride Application

A Complete Dental Clean

The most common misnomer is that many people believe the dentist is just cleaning the bits they miss at home. 'If I do a good job cleaning my teeth, I don’t need the dentist to do it'.

While some people are more effective at teeth brushing than others, surveys show that only 1/3 of Australians FLOSS daily. Which means about 1/3 of the surface area is NOT touched daily. But even if everybody brushes and flosses TWICE daily, as recommended, there are still stains and tartar build-up. The tartar build-up occurs from normal, healthy food consumption, causing bad breath and gum inflammation (gingivitis).

To explain this further, consider our favourite analogy:

It goes like this: Every Sunday, without fail, Billy uses his motorised blower to remove the grass clippings, leaves and dust off the concrete around his house to keep the outdoor area clean. However, along one side of his house, the concrete does not get enough sun. Due to occasional rain, after about six months this area is covered in moss. His concrete driveway and the other concreted areas are completely spotless.

In this analogy, the mouth is the mossy concrete area that sees too little sun and the other clean concreted areas are the rest of the body. The mouth is a dark, humid and wet area of the body. It has a very different environment to the outside of the body, where having a shower once or twice a day, is sufficient to maintain healthy skin.

Billy hasn't done anything wrong when blowing the concrete. In fact, he has been doing it for years and is technically good at it, like people are at brushing and flossing teeth. But to keep away the moss, he has to use bleach and gurney this area twice a year.

The dark, humid mouth produces plaque and other protein layers, forming tartar and possible gum inflammation and bleeding, along with stains to the teeth. This is a regular event that happens to EVERYONE. It also varies, being more problematic for some people more than others. But this is the reason the professional clean at the dentist is required and relevant.

Everyone gets the build-up like the moss. This causes a painless condition called gingivitis, which causes bad breath, bleeding gums and, over many years, will eventually cause tooth loss. The check-up and clean visit helps to control it. Gingivitis is at its minimum just after a check-up and clean. About six months later, it is usually moderate to severe and that's why people are generally due for a check-up after six months. Showering daily is good enough for the outside of the body, but the oral environment requires a professional clean-out twice a year.

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