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Easing Dental Fear

Your smile matters to us. If you suffer from any form of dental anxiety, a fear of the dentist or other dental phobias we would love to welcome you to Brisbane CBD Dentists.

At Edward Street Dental, we understand how difficult it is for some clients to get to the dentist. Our dentists understand that clients put their faith and trust into their hands every time they visit. As a way to make choosing Edward Street Dental the right move, we have created two Anxious Client Pathways for you to join our practice.

There are two pathways for anxious clients to meet us:


  • Introductory Consultation Visit at Edward Street Dental.
  • Introductory Virtual Consultation in the comfort of your home or office.
Dental Anxiety Patients Welcome at Brisbane CBD Dentists

Anxious Client Consultations $79

Introductory Pathway

Our team of dentists have a combined 85 years of experience helping patients with dental anxiety and phobias about going to the dentist. If you suffer from any dental anxiety whatsoever, we endeavour to put extra time put aside to give you a more private experience for any dental treatments required.

Our Anxious Client Consultation takes some of the anxiety out of the equation as we will not be performing any intrusive or invasive procedures. This consultation visit primarily involves an introductory meeting and discussion with one of our dentists.

There are two pathways for our anxious clients - you can visit our Edward Street Dental Practice for an in-person consultation - or you can choose to book a virtual consultation from the comfort of your home or office.

If you attend the practice, one of our dentists will have a quick examination of your teeth, take any x-rays if necessary, and provide you with a diagnosis of any problems, and the available treatment options. For your virtual consultation we will discuss the next step to help you make the transition to meeting us in person.

This pathway is ideal for patients who have dental anxiety, and can attend this first visit, knowing there will be no treatment, just discussion, diagnosis and the solution options.

Consultation Visit $79

Caring Dental Team

We come to work everyday to care for our anxious clients in their time of need.

Professional Consultation

We will discuss your dental concerns and wishes for your teeth.

Anxiety Prescriptions

Anxiety prescriptions and sleep dentistry are available on request.

Painless Local Anaesthetic

An industry leading medical device that delivers painless local anaesthetic.

Schedule Your Consultation

For our clients who suffer from dental anxiety, we are passionate about ensuring your comfort and caring for your dental health. When you visit us you will see that our dental practice provides a comfortable, stress-free environment. We ensure any procedures are carried out with a warm, caring patient experience using the latest in dental technologies to keep you calm and pain-free. Come and see the difference!


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