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Dental implants are surgical components placed into the jaw used to support dentures or crowns and replace missing teeth. Missing or lost teeth can weaken the function of the remaining teeth and the appearance of a person’s smile. At Brisbane CBD Dentists we work towards restoring the appearance of your smile, improving speech and the overall function of your mouth. 

Restorative Dentistry

Dental Implants

From a loss of confidence through to difficulty chewing, missing teeth can affect a person in different ways. Our dentists can address these concerns using highly effective and long-lasting dental implants. We can help to restore function and confidence with a healthy, natural-looking and complete smile.

Dental implants work by replacing three missing parts:

  • the root of the tooth,
  • a small volume of bone around the missing tooth, and then
  • the crown of the tooth.

All three components need to be meticulously planned out and placed with near perfection to provide a long-lasting, aesthetic result.

dental implants

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Absolutely. At Edward Street Dental, we offer a number of flexible payment plan options to suit the client's budget. Click here to learn more about your payment options.

Dental Implants Brisbane CBD Dentists - A permanent solution for tooth loss

Restore Confidence With A Natural Smile

Improved Eating, Chewing & Speaking

Permanent Solution for Tooth Loss

Enhanced Function & Look

How Do Dental Implants Work?

Dental Implants work to provide replacement of any missing teeth without affecting the neighbouring teeth, resulting in the following outcomes to patients:

  • A more even smile you can feel confident in,
  • Easier eating and chewing,
  • Improved speech, and
  • A more even facial structure.

Our dentists use the most current scanning and photographic techniques to ensure a stress-free experience and a porcelain crown that blends in with the colour and contour of your teeth.

With the help of dental implants, we can fully remedy toothlessness and strongly improve chewing and speaking abilities as well as restore a beautiful smile. Implants can also serve as carriers of a fixed dental bridge or denture.

Who can benefit from dental implants?

As quality of life and confidence can be affected by missing teeth, any adult with missing teeth who has good general and oral health can benefit from a dental implant procedure.

At Edward Street Dental, we use an experienced and trusted team of local Periodontists to provide dental implants in Brisbane to adults who have good oral health. As this is a surgical procedure, there is a risk of infection if the client has ongoing gum disease. Therefore, if our dentist detects any signs of gum disease, this will be treated before proceeding with dental implants. Your dentist will also recommend that clients with uncontrolled diabetes, a current smoking status, and a history of radiotherapy to the jaw area do not proceed with dental implants.

How long do dental implants take?

Our dental implants are delivered over several appointments. Your typical schedule may involve:

  1. A consultation appointment where we will evaluate your oral health and use x-ray imaging to assess your jaw structure.
  2. A surgical implant placement appointment with our recommended local Periodontist where the implant will be placed, you can choose whether this occurs under local anaesthetic, IV sedation or general anaesthetic.
  3. A review appointment around two weeks after the surgery to make sure your wounds are healing and that the implants are fusing with your jaw bone as expected.
  4. Three to four months later, a scan appointment will be necessary where the dentist performs a 3D scan, allowing them to create the crowns for your implants.
  5. Two weeks later you will return for your crown-fitting appointment where the crown will be placed.
  6. A further two weeks later, you will return for your final review appointment.

By carefully staging your appointments over six phases, we follow best practice guidelines and promote the success of your surgery.

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What is the dental implant process?

Advanced Teeth Replacement

When a tooth is lost, the space that’s left behind is designed to accommodate the root. Dental implants fit into this space and serve as artificial roots that support a new tooth, allowing a natural-looking, even smile to be reinstated.

As a form of dental surgery, dental implants involve making an incision into the gum before making a hole in the jaw beneath. Doing this stabilises the implant.

The dentist will then place a porcelain crown on top of the implant, which will be designed to match the current dental profile. During the treatment, they will also make sure the implants used blend with the existing teeth.

When a client has completed the dental implant and crown procedure, the result looks like a natural tooth, that has not been lost in the first place.

The Dental Implant Surgical Phase

The Surgical Phase of treatment is generally performed under local anaesthetic. The implant, made out of titanium, is placed into the jaw-bone, to replace the root of the tooth.  Any missing bone volume is usually addressed during this appointment.  Patients also have the option to be put to sleep during this phase of treatment.  Recovery for this appointment is normally 1-2 days.

The Dental Implant Prosthetic Phase

A Porcelain Crown is then fitted to the titanium implant to complete the Dental Implant.  The crown is placed 3-4 months after implant placement, in what is known as the Prosthetic Phase of treatment.  This phase is painless and local anaesthetic is not required.

When four teeth are missing, for example, two implants placed in the surgical phase can be supported by four crowns in the prosthetic phase. When all of the teeth are missing, 4-6 implants can support all of the upper teeth, and so on.

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Dental Implant Recovery & AfterCare

Recovery will depend on the individual, but generally, you should be ready to go back to work 1-2 days after the surgery. Clients are provided with a script for appropriate pain-management medication should it be required, and with a medical certificate to cover the time you require off work.


Care for your dental implants, like natural teeth, is provided at home with regular brushing and flossing. Most importantly, permanent regular professional check-up and clean maintenance is essential for the long term success of dental implants.

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What Are Dental Implants Made Of?

Permanent Titanium Anchors

Dental implants are made of titanium and have a useable life well over 30 years if well maintained. The implant will be placed inside the jaw-bone replacing the damage or missing tooth root. Once implanted, the bone will naturally and safely grow around the surface of the titanium implant to create a permanent anchor for the new tooth.

Titanium implants provide greater versatility than other implant systems. They use a two-part system: the implant under the gum line and the post attached to the top of the implant that holds the new tooth.

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